A Province is worth working for.
You can help Vancouver Island reclaim its heritage.

 Photo Credit: Strait of Georgia Alliance

Photo Credit: Strait of Georgia Alliance

Organizing People, Assembling Knowledge

Needed: Petitions signed. and hands-on enthusiasm!

You can help encourage interest and discussion to have the Province of Vancouver Island proclaimed.

Our Petitions, to the federal and BC governments, will be circulating over the summer and fall of 2013 ...and gathering support over the next few years as interest builds.

Print a couple, and ask your friends to sign. Talk to folks you meet at outings, events, and public celebrations. Or just take a walk, with a few copies attached to a clipboard. Conversations will help build a community of interest and encourage thoughtful consideration.

 As well as getting more signatures to present to the House of Commons and BC's Legislative Assembly, we're also quite certain that you'll enjoy the chats with fellow Islanders, and visitors. And you'll be surprised at how many Canadians and British Columbians will be happy to sign - and support our call to proclaim the Province of Vancouver Island.

You'll meet a lot of interesting and knowledgeable Islanders, encourage the debate in Ottawa and Victoria, learn more about our history, and discover how important and vital Vancouver Island is.

Islanders really do have a heritage to be proud of, and we really are quite capable of governing the Island and taking care of ourselves!

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Strategic Planning, Project Management

Needed:  Research, Stats and Analysis.

Planning for long-term growth, resiliency and economic security necessitates that the assets, and constraints of Island lands and coastal waters, be integrated and managed within an Island context.  Vancouver Island's carrying capacity, sustainability, and opportunities for sustainable development can be adapted from work already completed or underway, guided by Canadian and international standards.

Your help in identifying and developing this information would assist in determining the steps and needs that must be met.

 Photo Credit: NA

Photo Credit: NA

Financial Projection, Legal Roadmap

Needed: Numbers, crunchers & legal eagles.

Along with cost/benefit analysis across all sectors of government responsibility, it may be that a referendum is called for in the BC election of 2017, to get an indication of public support for the proclamation of Vancouver Island as a new Province within Canada.

In the interim we expect discussion to advance with each local and federal election. Legal questions and negotiations will extend across many sectors, and Islanders will be looking for solid information.