Consider the benefits of being a province.
How should an Island balance economic and cultural development with environmental restoration?

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If we compare demographics and population, and the area of Vancouver Island, we find that Vancouver Island has some 765,000 residents —greater than six of Canada's provinces and territories.

Vancouver Island has all of the attributes and prerequisites for becoming a Province.

At present, several new northern provinces are 'in the works' in Canada. (Northwest Territories, March 2013)

- "In late 2004, Prime Minister Paul Martin surprised some observers by expressing his personal support for all three territories gaining provincial status "eventually". He cited their importance to the country as a whole and the ongoing need to assert sovereignty in the Arctic, particularly as global warming could make that region more open to exploitation."        


150 Years+...

September 2013 is the 150th anniversary since the beginning of the third and last session of the Legislative Assembly of the Colony of Vancouver Island.

...2016 is the 150th anniversary of the unification of the colony of VI and the colony of BC.

...2017 is the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation.

...2021 is the 150th anniversary of BC joining the Confederation of Canada.



This proposal furthers the interests of the 765,000 residents of Vancouver Island as they pursue democratic representation relevant to the challenges of governance on their west coast island community.

Most recently overarching regional, national and global issues have come to the forefront - including needs to meet Island self-sufficiency, food security, energy and economic self-reliance, as well as resource, watershed and ecological health.

Administration and management of Vancouver Island in its own right, as a province, offers a means to ensure that Island residents retain a high quality and standard of living, with the authority to make this happen.

Matters affecting long-term economic planning, ecosystem sustainability and ongoing measures for health and wellbeing, can best be met by Islanders working together within an Island framework for self-governance.



..."with the natural capabilities of the country and its facilities for colonization ... in healthiness of climate, in fertility of soil, in the abundance of game of all kinds, Flesh, fish, and fowl, as well as in rich Mineral productions -- coal, iron, copper -- this territory contains everything, as a home for a people, from which necessities can be supplied or wealth obtained." 

June 9, 1847.     Colonial Despatches, Fitzgerald to Hawes. From Vancouver's Island to London.