Two petitions are required.
One for Ottawa, one for Victoria.
With your support we will be able to gather many signatures.

Please print and sign both petitions. Invite others to sign with you. Mail the petitions to:

V.I. Petition
Box 333, Cedar BC
V9X 1W1

These petitions are not the only way to encourage interest and support, but they are important. The goodwill of Canadians from across the country, as well as the authority of the Parliament of Canada and of British Columbia, will be required as we negotiate the formal steps in the process of proclaiming the Province of Vancouver Island.

Signed Petitions are required for formal submission and consideration by our federal and BC elected representatives. We will also be looking to build support by way of on-line petitions - though not quite yet!

At this time then we invite you to print and sign a copy of the Petitions, and return them to us.

Signees must be:

  1. Old enough to vote: 18 years old.
  2. A resident of Canada for the federal petition, and
  3. A resident of British Columbia for the provincial petition.