In 1849 the Colony of Vancouver Island was founded. Seven years later, in 1856, Vancouver Island elected the first Legislative Assembly in British North America, west of the 'Province of Canada' (...later, Ontario).  

At present, 2013, we are calling for the Proclamation of the Province of Vancouver Island by 2021 - the 150th anniversary of British Columbia entering Confederation.

Our ancestors became self-governing in seven years. So can we.

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This page offers some references and background that provide the context for the early years of the Colony of Vancouver Island, unification with the Colony of British Columbia, and events surrounding the beginnings of the Confederation of Canada here on the west coast.

It will be updated as new information becomes available ...and we encourage you to help us learn more about Vancouver Island's early days and self-governance.

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1) - Colonial History Vancouver Island

Website by local historian and writer Maureen Duffus. Includes excerpts from her publications and links to Vancouver Island historical material

2) - Legislative Library of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Subject Links on BC History:

3) - The British Colonist, newspaper archives

' On December 11th, 1858, in the midst of a gold rush, a man with the improbable name Amor de Cosmos inked up an old hand press and launched a newspaper -- the British Colonist -- into the world.    Published in Victoria, it became the leading paper in the colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, and was the paper for the province of British Columbia until the emergence of Vancouver and competitors in the 1890s.'