The Promise of the Province of Vancouver Island.

...An Honourable, Fair and Tangible Goal in the Heritage we share.

Join with us as we explore our history, and discover what we can accomplish together! 


Building the Case for Provincehood

Vancouver Island's rich heritage draws upon its diverse and resilient coastal communities. Our wish to be a Province goes back to 1856, before our country began, when the Legislative Assembly of Vancouver Island represented voters as the first elected parliamentary assembly in British North America west of Upper Canada.

The Province of Vancouver Island promises opportunities to grow and strengthen our bonds as friends and neighbours. Maturity, resourcefulness, and determination will continue to guide our lives on the Island, off the west coast of Canada - throughout the Pacific region.

This initiative calls on all of us, as Islanders, to offer our experience and insights, our willingness to work together with shared values and toward shared goals, and commitment to protect and preserve the beauty and bounty of our coastal lands, waters and commons.

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You Can Help Create a New Province

Vancouver Islanders have now reached a point where we are able and eager to handle our own affairs, shape the path ahead, and have an honest and open discussion about our common future on Canada's west coast. Share with all of us your vision for Vancouver Island 20 and 50 years from now. What changes are required to get us to a better future? Talk to your friends and family about  a new path for a new Province on a new island ... then get back to us! 

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Print and Circulate the Petition

The petition is our way to reach out to everyone, and to give notice to the Government of Canada and the Province of BC that we are ready and determined to govern ourselves. We want to see Vancouver Island declared a province on May 16, 2021. Print the petition, sign it, get your friends to sign it, then mail it back to us. Let's present a ten-foot stack to the House of Commons in Ottawa and to the Legislative Assembly in Victoria. 

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